Lord’s Day Programme

Theme: The Sovereignty and Providence of God

April – June 2018

Date Message Topic Speaker Chairman







Resurrection Combined Service :

What’s So Important about Easter? (1 Corinthians 15:12-34)

Interpreter : Brother Seow Zifa

Rev William Yap Elder Steven Ng
8* The Hand That Creates (Isaiah 48:6-15, Hebrews 11:3) Rev Gabriel Gan Dn Ng Thiam Koon
15 The Hand That Governs (Isa 14:24-27) Rev Ho Chee Lai Dn Peter Ong
22 The Hand That Provides (Isaiah 14:24-27) Rev Ong Hock Khee Dn Shaun Ng
29 The Hand That Preserve (Psalm 121) Rev Peter Chua Elder Daniel Tau






6 The Hand That Guides (Psalm 25:1-9) Rev Ho Chee Lai Dn Hong Che Hwee
13* The Hand That Comforts (2 Corinthians 1:4-8) Rev Charles Seet Dn Royce Yeo
20 MAF 24th Anniversary

Morning Chinese Service 5th Thanksgiving Anniversary

The Hand That Heals (Mark 8:22-29, James 5:13-14)

Rev Isaac Ong Elder Steven Ng
27 The Hand That Delivers (Psalm 34:4-19) Rev Nathan Dn Ng Thiam Koon






3 The Hand That Transforms (Romans 12:1-5) Elder Ng Beng Kiong Dn Peter Ong
10* The Hand That Judges (Revelations 20:10-11; Isaiah 33:22) Rev Charles Seet Dn Hong Che Hwee
17 Parents’ Day

The Hand That Enables (Philippians 4:13-19)

Rev Gabriel Gan Elder Daniel Tau
24 Gospel Sunday

Is There Still Hope In A Hopeless World? (Titus 2:13-15; 1 Peter 1:3-5)


Rev Isaac Ong Dn Shaun Ng