Lord’s Day Programme

(The Study of the Epistle of James)

July – September 2018

July Topic Speaker Chairman
1 Every Christian Faces Trials of Life (1:1-8) Rev Colin Wong Elder Daniel Tau
8 * The Place of Fasting in Prayer (Nehemiah 1:4) Rev Quek Keng Khwang Dn Shaun Ng
15 Run to Win (Philippians 3:12-17) Rev S.V. Nathan Elder Steven Ng
22 A Promise of Reward to the Persecuted (1:9-12) Rev Colin Wong Dn Peter Ong
29 (ACM) Godly Church Leadership (Acts 20:17-38) Rev Lee Hock Chin Dn Ng Thiam Koon
5 Don’t Blame God (1:13-18) Rev Colin Wong Elder Steven Ng
12 * Listening to the Word is Not Enough (1:19-25) Rev Colin Wong Elder Daniel Tau
19 The Meaning of True Religion (1:26, 27) Rev Colin Wong Dn Royce Yeo
26 Am I A Follower of Jesus Christ? (Matthew 4:18-20) Rev Eric Kwan Dn Hong Che Hwee
2 Claiming God’s Promises (Genesis 17:16) Mr Lim Seng Hoo Dn Peter Ong
9 * Genuine Faith Transcends Social Distinctions (2:1-13) Rev Colin Wong Dn Ng Thiam Koon
16 Genuine Faith Expresses Itself in Obedient Deed


Rev Colin Wong Dn Royce Yeo
23 I have a Tongue Problem (3:1-12) Rev Colin Wong Dn Hong Che Hwee
30 Spiritual Shortsightedness (Genesis 25:27-34) Rev Calvin Loh Elder Steven Ng